Soulful Mood Blend

Soulful Mood Blend


Our most requested herbal tea blend "Soulful Mood", may stabilize emotional mood swings, reduce anxiety and depression.


Nuestro te de hierbas mas pedido es el "Soulful Mood" que puede ayudar a estabilizar los cambios de humor, reducir la ansiedad y la depresión.


  • 100% Organic
  • Origin: USA
  • Handcrafted
  • Caffeine Free
  • Compostable Bags
  • Sugar Cane Labels
Loose Leaf Weigh
  • Herbal Tea Ingredients

    Organic lemongrass, organic rose hips, organic hibiscus flowers, organic nettle north american leaves, organic orange peel, organic pink rose petals, organic english lavender, organic cloves hole, organic passion flowers, organic dried mangos.

  • Benefits

    Anxiety and depression can be triggered by poor nutrition habits, sedentarism, lack of sleep, grief, and other situations. These conditions require different strategies, but self-care is always helpful! Drinking a cup of Soulful Mood everyday is a good way to start improving.


    Lavender offers antidepressant benefits, which combined with hibiscus flowers and lemon grass helps alleviate tension and stress.


    La ansiedad y la depresion pueden activarse con malos habitos alimenticios, sedimentarismo, poco dormir, tristeza por alguna perdida y otras situaciones. Estas dos condiciones requieren de diferentes estrategias, pero el cuidado personal siempre es de ayuda! Beber una taza al dia de Soulful Mood es una buena manera de comenzar a mejorar.


    La lavanda ofrece beneficios antidepresivos, que en combinacion con la flor de Jamaica y la hierba de limon ayudan aliviar tension y estres.

  • How to use

    Take 1-2 teaspoon in an infuser or teapress.

    Add 16 oz of hot water and steep for 5 minutes.

    Serve it hot or iced, as you preferred. 

    It does not need sweeteners, but you can add natural sweeteners if you want (read blog for suggestions).

  • Disclaimer

    If you are pregnant, nursing, or suffer from any pre-existing medical condition please consult your doctor before you start using this blend.

  • Taste

    A romantic rose and hibiscus flower flavor with a sweet mango compliment.

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