Lymph Flow Blend

Lymph Flow Blend



"Lymph Flow" was formulated to promote detoxification and improve health issues. It also provides support to the immune system.


El "Lymph Flow" fue formulado para promover la desintoxicacion, ayudar a mejorar la salud y el sistema inmune.


  • 100% Organic
  • Origin: USA
  • Handcrafted
  • Caffeine Free
  • Compostable Bags
  • Sugar Cane Labels
Loose Leaf Weigh
  • Herbal Tea Ingredients

    Organic red root, organic ginger root, organic burdock root, organic astragalus Root, organic echinacea root, organic cleavers, organic licorice root, organic cardamom pods.

  • Benefits

    Lymph Flow is formulated with herbs that improve the fluid movement, helping circulation in the lymphatic system and all the pathways of elimination. 


    Lymph Flow está formulado con hierbas que mejoran el movimiento de los fluidos, ayudando a la circulación en el sistema linfático y todas las vías de eliminación.

  • How to use

    Take 1-2 teaspoon in an infuser or teapress.

    Add 16 oz of hot water and steep for 5 minutes.

    Serve it hot or iced, as you preferred. 

    It does not need sweeteners, but you can add natural sweeteners if you want (read blog for suggestions).

  • Disclaimer

    If you are pregnant, nursing, or suffer from any pre-existing medical condition please consult your doctor before you start using this blend.

  • Taste

    A sweetly aromatic and powerful flavor.

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