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Our Story

We met in Miami, Florida and felt in love with each other in 2017. After one year of relationship we faced some health challenges that made us start a new conscious lifestyle. Deivis had a chronic pain in his stomach with bleeding that was very uncomfortable, so we decided to become plant-based to improve our health.


In our transition, as part of the natural remedies, we started drinking herbal tea and noticed the immediate benefits in ourselves. In 2019, we began our journey blending at home with different parts of medicinal plants and decided to promote it locally with the community to help more people. We also celebrated our marriage and became parents afterward, it was one blessing after another.


Mindfoodness Herbal Tea is a family-owned business and we are dedicated to formulating blends with a variety of benefits. We source from organic and sustainable farms and we sell loose-leaf herbal tea because it maintains the flower petals, roots, and dried fruits fresher. 


We provide guidance to our clients on how to drink their personalized teas, as our formulated blends can be used for detoxing, relaxation, energy, digestion, among others. We are focused on offering an eco-friendly product and that's why we decided to package our teas in compostable bags with sugar cane labels.


We want every cup to make you feel connected with your mind, body, and spirit.


With love,

Deivis & Vero :)